My conclusion on a thing called ‘Life’

Why couldn’t I make my way to IITs? Was I that bad? Why am I here? These were the questions which were making me depressed and whenever I thought about it I always cried thinking that my future is in dark, now I won’t be able to live the life I expected to live. I won’t be able to get a good job or a good career ahead. But yesterday a thought came to my mind, ‘What am I doing?’ And finally I came to know the reason of my failure. I remember the days when I was preparing for JEE. During those days due to workload sometimes I got frustrated, sometimes I even studied for 14 hours a day. I even thought of giving up my preparation. While preparing for competitive exams I often thought that I would get into an IIT or other good college, then I would go to abroad to get a masters degree from a good international university. I always used to see my bro (Who is an alumni of one of the finest college of the country) and to be better than him. I always worried about my future without considering my present and what pathetic result I got everybody knows. After my results I was about to end my life a sudden strange voice came from my heart, ‘Amit, its just the beginning’. Suddenly my mom came and she stopped me. My parents took me to a trip to Musoorie and for the first time in my life I thought that ‘Zindagi itni bhi buri nahi hai’. But yesterday only I got answers to all my questions. Its all a part of life. There was a man who was about to quit his life, his relationship, his spirituality. He went to woods to have a last chat with God. He asked God can he give him one reason not to quit. God replied “I planted the fern and the bamboo seed and took good care of them. Fern rapidly grew from earth and its green covered the floor, yet nothing came from bamboo seed. But I didn’t quit on bamboo God said. In the second year fern grew more vibrant and plentiful, again nothing came from bamboo seed, but didn’t quit on bamboo seed. In the three years nothing came from bamboo seed. Still I wouldn’t quit on bamboo God replied. But the fifth year a tiny sprout emerged from the earth. Compared to fern it was very small and insignificant. Six months later the bamboo rose to over 100 feet tall. It spent five years growing roots and indeed needed it to survive. I wouldn’t give my creation a challenge it couldn’t handle. The God explained to the man that all these years that he has been spent struggling actually growing roots. Don’t compare yourself to others. God said “Bamboo had a different purpose than fern. Yet they both made the forest beautiful, your time will come, you will rise high.” The man asked “How high will I rise?” God replied “How high will the bamboo rise?” man said as high it can. God said “Give me glory by rising as high as you can”. The man left the forest. We always ask God to give us better marks but God won’t ever give us anything if we beg for something. God has given us a life to live not to compete or race. Worrying about future won’t fetch us anything. We strive to finish school, strive to finish college, strive to start working, strive to marry, strive to retire and at the end we realize that we forgot to live. By working on a better present we are also sowing seeds for a better future, aren’t we? God has created this beautiful world with the touch and blessing of nature with a pinch of intellectual artificial creativity of man, just for us. Even a second gone of our life never comes back again so live it to the fullest it’s a pleasant and an exciting journey. ‘Chalte raho, lage raho, enjoy karo.’ Celebrate your life coz ‘Yeh zindagi milegi na dubara’


28 thoughts on “My conclusion on a thing called ‘Life’

  1. Asheesh Kumar Sharma says:

    Osm composition bro…same feelings here…but ‘preparing again for a year or two’ or ‘taking admission in a college having less repo then IITs’ is never a bad option. The destiny takes u where ur part of success is preservd by God. No begging no prayers are required. Best of Luck bro…

  2. check this out guys…! I tried for IIT as hard as any of u, n didnt get it. felt heartbroken but im now a musician and NOT GETTING INTO IIT made me what i am today!
    And Amit, you are destined to do something bigger!!!

    PS- i am ur cuzn Vishisht’s friend

  3. vishisht says:

    even i tried for IIT-JEE in 2008..n i didnt get it
    but i didnt lost hope. fortunately i got adm in IP mechanical and automation..n pursued many national n international projects..
    its just that..try to do best wherever u are and success will follow you guys!!

  4. Davinder Saini says:

    owsm bro……good job……wht if u didnt gt gud mrks in 12th or addmsn in iit…….stil u r dng engg…….jyada se jyada kya hoga…car choti hogi.ghar chota hoga but tu khush to hogaaaaa naaa……..nd ending up ur lyf iz nt a solutn……nywyz nice blog……

  5. really nice amit…..thats the spirit…you should never leave hope….one day will be there when u will be paid for all of ur sufferings…..remember dude dont compare urself with anyone …..every person is different dude so wait for the right time….

  6. Just say quit to ur probs by facing it not frm ur life bcoz zindagi milegi na dobara. Always choose dat in which u r interested .n never gaveup infront f ur probs.u always get which u deserve .so always have faith in u first.n d last conclusion u giveup is realy very realistic oosssaaaammmmm………

  7. ekjot says:

    juss wanna say dude u r on d right track….u hav started movin on the path of success….n guud lck ..n this guy video song is awesum…gud job

  8. kanika gupta says:

    awesum thought yr…..its realy vry nice and as u said “zindagi na milegi dobara” soo juss remebr dose wrds n njy each n every momnt f ur lyf 🙂 🙂

  9. Pragya Sharma says:

    well said Amit … u hve done a marvellous job …
    wish u very bst for ur future .. may u acheive all ur goals ..
    and never loose ur hope …!!! 🙂

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